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I have a master product list. Each client gets a different percentage off price on products. Can I do this and will everything stay in sync with master price book?
Example : Have master price book with 1000 products (each with its own price of course). Client X gets 10% off each product. Client Y gets 20% off. Client Z gets 30% off. I am assuming (please correct me if there is a better way) that I need to create 3 cloned price books for this and set the prices appropriately.
1) I do not see any way to set a formulae in a price book, so I would have to enter each price manually. (A pain to have to program something for this, but doable). It would of course be great if I could just set a discount formulae though ... ie price book A has 10% discount on all items.
2) Can I set the other price books to automatically be updated with new products ftom the master list (since all the price books have the same exact products). For example, if a add 50 new products to the master list, I would ideally like the other 3 price books to pick up the products and of course have the discounts correctly applied for these products. (Again, a pain to have to program something in for this, like maybe a trigger on master price book change, blah, blah ... but if there is something already available for this, that would be fantastic).