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I am getting problem using Hover popup window in my visualforce page.

Scenario -

My visual force page has a datatable and edit form.

Clicking on edit button, opens the current record in edit form and upon editing we can save data.

On mouse over of record, i am displaying complete record info in hover menu provided by salesforce.

Problem -

The hover menu always displays the old data (first time the data, record had ) not the new data (edited and saved data).

I think browser (IE) is caching the data. Please help me, how to get updated data every time?

Note: Its working fine with Firefox.

  • January 17, 2011
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Before I ran off and created an IdeaExchange post I thought I'd run an idea past the great minds here and make sure I'm not overlooking obvious work-arounds!


I'd really like to create some reusable extensions to Apex functionality, such as a multimap implementation, where the same code could work with arbitrary objects while maintaining good type safety for each specific instance.


With Java-style generics, I could, for example, declare a class like:


public with sharing class MultiMap<K,V> { foo... }


The "<K,V>" would be the variable types used for the multimap's key and value data, perhaps implemented as Map<K,Integer> and List<List<V>>, respectively (map ties keys to the index of the outer list).


Instantiating a multimap would be as easy as:


MultiMap<String,Contact> myVar = new MultiMap<String,Contact>{};

Because that instance uses concrete object types (String and Contact), all data passed to or returned from the multimap would be automatically checked (and cast, if appropriate).
The only alternative I can see would be defining something like:
public with sharing class MultiMap {
  private Schema.SObjectType keyType { get; set; }
  private Schema.SObjectType valueType { get; set; }
  MultiMap(Schema.SObjectType K, Schema.SObjectType V) {keyType = K; valueType = V;}
... and then instantiating it like:
MultiMap myVar = new MultiMap( String.sObjectType, Contact.sObjectType );
If anyone can think of a way to do something like this in a type-safe manner without resorting to a ton of assertions, I'd love to hear it.
If not (and assuming the consensus reply is not "Andy, you are an idiot"), I'll file this in IdeaExchange.