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I would like to place the Input field generated by the flow designer between two sentences.  Here is an example of what I would like to do



Enter Your Name :  <Input id=whatever /> <br/> * Only enter your first name. 



I have tried using the [Question Reference Name] in the HTML Editor ..  But that only produces the Current Value of the Field itself and not the Field.  



I have an ok understanding of apex and I am new to VPM (Flow Designer).


I am trying to get "Apex Callout" to work with a class i have but am not getting anywhere. After opening the flow designer pdf i came across the following statement:


"The visual Apex callout element allows you to call an Apex class with the Process.Plugin interface"

What is the process.plugin interface? because i am getting the following error when uploading the flow into Salesforce

"ErrorWe had trouble uploading the flow. Apex class does not exist or is not a plugin class: FlowDesignerISA.GetISAamount"

Can anyone help?
Thanks in-advance.

  • March 08, 2011
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