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I am onsite at a client teaching them about the wonderful ways of salesforce development and have run into an issue when they try to "Run All Tests" within the browser.


First it seemed like it was working normally, there are quite a few unit tests in the org, so it is expected to take about 10 minutes to run to completion.  However, an hour rolled around and it still claimed to be "Running Tests...".  I had them close their browser and try again, and now they are presented with the "Organization Administration Locked" message.


So I tried my self to run these tests, thinking there is no way that the server is still executing unit tests, and low and behold 7 minutes later I have run all tests to completion.  So I had them try to run all tests again and they are still being shown an "Organization Administration Locked" message.


I am on a Mac, they are on PCs.  I am using Chrome, they are using IE7.  I don't think either of these things are the cause of the issue.  However, they are on a pretty locked down network while I am using a hotspot, but I would have assumed that if you could login to the org from their browser, that they would be able to run all tests from their browser.  Do I need them to setup proxy settings in their browser or something?  Has anyone else ever run into this?  Maybe its an issue with the new release?


In any event I will log a case with salesforce if I cant get this issue resolved by noon MST tomorrow.


Thanks all!






  • February 07, 2011
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I am trying to render a PDF using the <div style="page-break-after:always;"> </div> to createpage breaks across a set or repeating table tags. Is there anything I can do do avoid this happening?


PDF generation encountered problems with the layout of your page and couldn't complete because the request took too long. Possible reasons include blocking normal page breaks from rendering.