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I am trying to create a button that will clone the current opportunity, add 1 to a "counter" field and rename the opportunity.  What this will be used for is revisions of the current opportunity.  So if the current opportunity is named TES-0001 and someone hits the custom button (called revision) it will add 1 to the counter field and name the opportunity TES-0001 Rev(counter field).  SO if it was the first revision the name would be TES-0001 Rev1 and so on.  I have tried to use a javascript button to do this, but i keep getting "undefined" errors.  I don't want someone to write it for me, but I would appreciate a point in the right direction with the coding. 


Any response would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you for your time.

As discussed in Ideas (http://ideas.salesforce.com/article/show/69729) here's a solution we have used for clients to enable customisation of the Clone button on Opportunities. This can be used to selectively choose which fields to copy and set default values:


For full details and the code to clone opportunity Line Items please contact me directly. We will be re-writing this in VisualForce over the coming months to make it futureproof.


Steps to Implement - Admins only

1. Setup -> Customize -> Opportunity -> Buttons and Links

2. Create new custom button called Clone, behaviour is Execute Javascript, Display Type Detail Page Button.

3. Paste in the code below and edit to match your requirements.

4. Remember to add the new button to the Opportunity page layout(s) and hide the original Clone button.

4. Test!


// Copyright 2008 BrightGen Ltd - All Rights Reserved try{ {!REQUIRESCRIPT("/soap/ajax/14.0/connection.js")} // ** EDIT THIS QUERY TO LIST THE FIELDS YOU WANT TO COPY ** var result = sforce.connection.query("Select o.Type, o.StageName, o.Product_Type__c, o.Planned_Opportunity__c, o.MarketSector__c, o.CampaignId, o.Business_Unit__c, o.Amount, o.AccountId From Opportunity o WHERE o.Id = '{!Opportunity.Id}'"); var newOpp = result.getArray("records"); // Reset the Opp Id and reset fields to default values newOpp[0].Id = ''; newOpp[0].Name = "Clone {!Opportunity.Name}"; // ** EDIT THESE FIELDS TO SET DEFAULT ANY VALUES ** newOpp[0].StageName = "1. Prospecting"; newOpp[0].CloseDate = new Date(2099, 0, 1); var saveResult = sforce.connection.create(newOpp); if (saveResult[0].getBoolean("success")) { newOpp[0].id = saveResult[0].id; alert("Opportunity cloned without line items"); } else { alert("Failed to create clone: " + saveResult[0]); } // Refresh the page to display the new oppportunity window.location = newOpp[0].id; } catch (err) { alert (err.description ); }


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