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Hi, we are currently in the process of migrating user guides that are currently authored and published using MadCap. The documents are published to WebHelp (XHTML) and PDF formats. We are trying to import the web documents into Knowledge, and for the most part the documents import fine. We have a couple of issues though that I am hoping to get help on.


The documents have internal links, which are relative to other documents ,either to different pages or within the same page. Whenever a document is imported, the relative links are removed. Any fully qualified URL's are kept intact but the target referenced is changed to open the document in a new window.  


My idea is to write a pre-import tool that will call an apex class to display the article (i.e. /apex/KAViewer?UrlName=URLNameTitle

where URLName is the value stored in the URLName field of the Article Type. However, how can we specify a relative link in the documents. If the path has to be fully qualified, we would run into a maintenance issue with making sure we are using the correct SFDC domain. Also, is there a way to not have the target change. Opening a new browser for each link would be a usability issue.


Has anyone come across this issue with relative links in documents?