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Hey There.


I have a quick question regarding CTI Click-to-dial within a listcomponent on a VisualForce page.


We're going to have a custom object called Expert to Case which creates a many-to-many relationship on between contacts and Cases. The related list called "In Network Experts" is a custom related list (need to build several hovers and inline editing within the list which is why I'm building custom related lists). On the list I'll have basic contact information including contact name, email, and phone number.


My question is, on the phone number field, will it become active for Click-to-call functionality if the customer has installed the CTI connector? If not, can I make it active? If it becomes active and I click on the number, is there a way I can have the activity be logged with the WHOID = Contact and WHATID = Case?


Let me know if anyone has any nifty ideas around this.




  • May 19, 2010
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