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using a simple statement like 'document.bgColor = red'


doesn't work so I assume it has to do with somehow referencing the parent page from the s-control.


I know the 'best practice' approach would be to re-create the entire page with apex but we don't have time for that just to make this simple change.


Any help would be much appreciated!





I have apex processes that interact with contacts who also are self-service portal users. I only want contacts who are "super users." The code works fine.


The problem is that for testing, there apparently is no way to create a test self-service user. DML operations are prohibited on Self-Service Users.


I can create Self-Service users via the API, but not in Apex.


To exercise and validate my code, I am being force to create a dummy account, contact, and self-service user in both the production environment and the test environment. This is just WRONG.


Any work-around would be greatly appreciated.

I am getting JSON array as a response from webservice call and i want to parse that response in apex class.

Any pointer on this will be helpful.