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Hello Helper


I want to export   from an org a package  containing  custom objects,  Custom fields , classes,  custom buttons......


I created a package.xml  file where I included  the Metadata  types  I want to export


I can not  specify  Custom button Metadata  type

Looking into the salesforce docs it seems to me that is is  considered as weblink


I tried  something like  below







but it does not work


any suggestion?



Thanks in advance






  • September 22, 2013
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Trish Perkins at FaithAction International House here, running the Nonprofit (Enterprise) Edition of SF.


I'd like to use the Excel Connector with my sandbox just to play with bulk data upload in the latest version of organizations (accounts) and contacts and converting leads to contacts. 


I put "test" before salesforce in the url. 


I logged in with my username and password. Nope. I added my security token. Nope. I tried backing out to start over and now I'm getting a whole rash of error messages. Could somebody just walk me through getting IN? 


Trish Perkins