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I Created a custom setting of List type and inserting a 34 character string in name field but I am getting "Custom Setting Name too long" error. Salesforce defined limit for Name field in custom setting is 38 character.


Can any one help in this ?



Deshraj Kumawat

is there any way to get the metadata information in apex code ?


I have a requirement, I craeted a custom detail page button on a object. I need to get the id of this custom detail page button in the apex code.


We can get this information using the MetaData APIs but as per my knowledge we can not use Metadata APIs in the apex code/


is there any way to do this ???


Thank You !!



Deshraj Kumawat

Certified Developer | Certified Administrator



How to get Force.com One App edition. I am trying to get the Force.com One App edition using the north america salesforce site: http://www.salesforce.com/platform/platform-edition/


From this site we can get 30 day free trial of Force.com One App edition but when i fill the form and submit it provides 30 day free trial of Enterprise edition.


Can anyone help me in getting the 30 day free trial of Force.com One app edition ?



Deshraj Kumawat

I Created a custom setting of List type and inserting a 34 character string in name field but I am getting "Custom Setting Name too long" error. Salesforce defined limit for Name field in custom setting is 38 character.


Can any one help in this ?



Deshraj Kumawat



 I am new to visual force. I need to display the fields based on a condition.


There are fields like discount_program_c, deal_reg_c, nsp_c



if discount_program_c = 'NSP' then





I need to show the fields conditionally. In visual force


Please suggest me a sample code how to show these fields conditioanlly.






We have a custom setting that populates values on a page. When I access it, as an admin, things are fine. When any other user tries to access the page, they get the error: sObject type 'CR_Disaster_Recovery_Questions__c' is not supported.


It's a 'List' type setting, with Public access. Any ideas what could be causing this?



Can any one give me a list of points that we should not do with in constructor?


i know few like,


-> we should not do DML operations.


can you give more tips ?



Is it possible to start a list from number 2 say.


The start="2" is NOT working.


Thanks in anticipation



I have "Address Information" in Contact object with Mailing Street, City, State, Zip and Country fields and I have an object called "Address History" that has a lookup relation with Contact object.


I would like an ability which by clicking a button blank out the Address fields in contact object and put the old address in the Address History object.


Any idea how could I accomplish this?



  • March 07, 2013
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in a search dialogue (pop up window), i only want to search on records that have a specific master-id.

I.e. i have employers, and each employer has multiple employees. When i have selected an employer on my VF page, and the user wants to search for an employee, he must search within that employer, so he cannot find employees that have a different employer as parent.

Thus,employee has a master-detail relationship with employer.


Is this achievable without doing anything in my VF page/controller?





  • September 14, 2012
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i am trying insert more than 150 records and i unable do it since dml operation wont allow more tha 150 statments can i have any alternate method to achive this.




public class insst1

public void sav()

for(integer i=0;i<250;i++)
Lead c=new lead();
insert c;


I am trying to send an email from trigger using SingleEmailMessage.


As of now, I am composing my email body using the method setHTMLBody inside the trigger itself and the email recipients are user, contact and some hard-coded email address also.


My email has many recipients and I have some complex logic so i have to go for visualforce email template.


While i tried, I found the following points:

1. I have to use singleemailmessage only as i have to use VisualForce email template

2. More than one id cannot be added in the setTargetObjectId method so I cannot mail to more than one person.

3. Also if i use email template, i have to specify the recipient type as User/Lead/Contact but in my case I have to send email to user & contact & some email address. As of now, i am doing it using setToAddresses method.


Now, is it possible to replace the email body using VisualForce email template instead of composing it using setHTMLBody method?



Anyone ever seen this error?


System.SecurityException:{ ORA-20000: 
ORA-06512: at "SLEEPY.SIMPORTLOOKUP", line 850
ORA-06512: at "SLEEPY.SIMPORTLOOKUP", line 823
ORA-06512: at line 1

SQLException while executing plsql statement: {call sImportLookup.get_by_ext_id_text(?,?,?,?,?,?,?)}([ standard12012-11-05 ][Ljava.lang.String;@1c7ac63c, a19, custom_entity_data_id, 0, 0, false, system.plsql.ResultSetOutParam@406c9bbf) }


It happens when I try to run a upsert.




Is there a way to make account id required when creating an opportunity using the API? The interface makes it required but it's possible to create an opportunity via the API without an associated account.



Hi All,


I just finished the official training course given by Salesforce for our company.

They have also given us "DEV 401/501" student/exercise guide.

I would like to take the exam roughly a month from now.


Is the following reading materials enough for passing this exam ?


a) DEV 401 Guide (Student / Exercise)


b) Kindle version of "Development with the Force.com Platform: Building Business Applications in the Cloud" by Jason Ouellete


c) Force.com Fundamentas pdf


Also it would be nice to know if there are any particular key topics that I should focus on..


Thanks for your time :)



  • February 27, 2012
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After editing my apex class from within the Force.com IDE, i clicked "Save" button. Got an error "File saved locally, not to server". How can i get past this errror? Thanks!


how can i give the where clause(with like keyword) in SOQL for a multipicklist type field.