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Hi Folks. I posted the last post on this board about a small project, but its priority has been shifted to finding a solution for a new problem/project over here.


I'm not sure if this would be a good fit for the force.com, or if there is another platform that makes more sense for a spreadsheet-style software app so we don't need to build a ton of visualforce pages. I appreciate your input and look forward to speaking with you. 




I currently have an Excel file/workbook with approximately 20 different worksheets /pages. The workbook is a financial reporting system of business activities. It is NOT an accounting software.

When it was created as an Excel spreadsheet, cell values were linked throughout the workbook to reduce chances for human transcribing and calculation errors.

Since the business is an ongoing entity, the workbook would have to create anew set of worksheets for each new week. Over time, the file began to slow down significantly as the sheer volume of worksheets it had to comb through to update current week data cells became to cumbersome.

It was suggested to me that this time of reporting system should have been set up in a database writing software instead of a spreadsheet.


What I am seeking to accomplish are the following objectives:

1) I need my worksheets recreated in a way that pulls and populates data in the appropriate places quickly and accurately.

2) I need to be able to add a new set of worksheets each week, ideally by clicking a button.

3) I need this to be available in the cloud so that it can be accessed from any computer system with a username and password.

4) It will need at least two access levels (user & manager) and ideally have a third access level for administrator/ owner.

5) I need to make it reproducible so that 10,000 different accounts can be created and sold with access available to only their own account information and data.



Thank you,