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Hi All,


Think this is easily acheivable but getting stuck peicing it all together.


I have a custom object called CMC__c which has a field,  Assigned_To__c (User Lookup). What I would like is that when someone edits the record that the Assigned_To__c field is updateing to the user that made the edit.


Hope this makes sense.


Thanks in advance.

We have a lookup field (related_contract_number__c) on our Account object. The lookup field is related to Contract object (field called: ContractNumber)

Now I would like to write a trigger to update the lookup field on Account once Contract status change to 'Accepted'.

I am completely lost on how to do this. So how can i write a trigger on Contract (after update) to reference in the related_contract_number__c once the status changed?


I would appreciate any help you can give me.  Thanks so much!!! 

I'd like to use the Metadata API (in a similar manner as Eclipse and other 3rd party IDE's) to Test and Deploy triggers and test classes that are generated based on criteria supplied by users.


How do external tools accomplish this? (like Eclipse)


Can the process be mimicked via APEX?