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I'm trying to get a workflow to work where I will send an email alert after 10 days of an order creation and with the order status being equal to "pending" or "processing".  What I have is a time trigger for 10 days after the order creation date, and in the rule criteria I have the following:

OR(ISPICKVAL(ECS__Order_Status__c, "Pending"), ISPICKVAL(ECS__Order_Status__c, "Processing"))

I also tried it like this where I used a custom field "Days_Since_Creation__c" where the formula is "ROUND(TODAY() - Creation_Date__c, 0)" instead of the time trigger, and in the rule criteria I had the following:

OR(ISPICKVAL(ECS__Order_Status__c, "Pending"), ISPICKVAL(ECS__Order_Status__c, "Processing")) && Days_Since_Creation__c = 10



None of these are working. Does anyone know what could be wrong?



Hi guys,


I need to write a couple of formulas. I have two currency fields which I would like to make the value for into formulas:


1. Total Value of Savings Suggested

2. Total Value of Savings Implemented


I have 5 currency fields:


Value of Saving Initiative 1

Value of Saving Initiative 2

Value of Saving Initiative 3

Value of Saving Initiative 4

Value of Saving Initiative 5


Each has a corresponding checkbox - initiative implemented? If ticked, the saving has been implemented and if not it is suggested.


Thus I need to make my formulas dependent upon each of the checkboxes.


Please could anyone help with the writing of these formulas?


Many thanks,


Hey Everyone


I am working on a IF formula for a new field.


The formula is as follows:



ISPICKVAL( Type_of_Redemption__c, "Credit Note V" ), Total_Vouchers_Redeemed__c  *  Contract_Deal_Attribute__r.Groupon_Price__c  *  Contract_Deal_Attribute__r.Commission__c  *  Contract_Deal_Attribute__r.VAT__c , 0


ISPICKVAL( Type_of_Redemption__c, "Credit Note C" ), Contract_Deal_Attribute__r.Groupon_Price__c * ( 1 +  Contract_Deal_Attribute__r.VAT__c ) * Commission_under_Credit_Note__c -  Contract_Deal_Attribute__r.Commission__c *   Total_Vouchers_Redeemed__c ) , 0


 However, I am recieving a Syntax error as there is no false statement, it expected 3 and received 2.


Any suggestions would be most warmly recieved.


Thank you.