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I would enable the our users to select any document from a folder an attach it to an email.

I already have the functionality to select existing attachments and to upload a file, but I do not seem to get the correct list of document folders.


What I would like to do is:

A drop-down selectList to select the documents' folder.

Then a selectList to show the documents in the selected folder and let the user select the documents he wants to attach to the emailMessage.


Currently this is where I am stuck. The list of folders always contains every users' personal folder. I would rather use the same list that is displayed when accessing the Document object.

Is there any way to mimic the behavior of that picklist?




  • August 11, 2011
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 I want to add a message(warning)/ alert on standard opportunity page whenever the opportunity is saved. How can we accomplish this? As we can not override the save button and Business do not want to create a custom VF page. Please suggest what other options do we hold?


Thanks in advance,

Amrender Singh

I'm sure this information is on this board, i've read a few posts about similar stuff but not sure how to go forward.


I have a VF page which I am showing inline on a record detail. Along with showing information it has a button that when pressed opens a different page in a new window like this:


    <script language="javascript">
        function newWindow(file,window)
          if (msgWindow.opener=null)
          msgWindow.opener = self;

    <apex:commandButton onclick="newWindow('/apex/editCountries?id={!targetId}','editdwindow');"  value="Edit Countries" />


On the page that is shown in the new window, editCountries, a user can update fields and there is a button to save on that page which saves the updates and closes the window:



<apex:commandButton action="{!save}" value="Save" id="theButton" onclick="self.close();"/>

The updates work fine and the window closes but how can i change this so that the original page, the one that has the button to call the second page gets refreshed when the Save button is clicked on the second page?


Both pages use seperate controllers.  




  • February 07, 2011
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