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Anybody know of a way to pull a list of Sandboxes!  I would like to creat a VF Page that tracks our projects, classes and sandboxes the work is being done in, it would be nice if I can just pull a list of sandboxes instead of having seperate object that has to be keep updated.  Thanks for the help

Need some pointer for either a tool or quick method to convert HTML email templates to VisualForce email templates. I have 30 of them to do, so if there is a easy way that would save me time that someone knows about that be cool.






I have created a email template and added site's custom web address as {!Site.TopLevelDomain}.


This email template is used to send email alert through a workflow.


This workflow will get fired as a result of some custom action(field update) through website.


I am receiving the email but without the custom web address of the website.


I have tried with some other fields like {!Site.UrlPathPrefix}, {!Site.Subdomain}

but it doesn't display any thing within email template as a result of these fields.


For the time being i have hard coded this url within the email template. But I want to remove this hard coded url.


Is there any thing else which need to be provided?

If any one have any idea please tell me.