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Hi Everyone,


I need to read the Gmail INBOX,after reading I get the Unique Id from the subject,Once I get the subject I need to query that records in salesforce and add one attachment to that and update that field .


Pl  suggest the approach .






  • October 07, 2013
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Hi, is there any app which will show the Google Mails in salesforce org.




  • December 21, 2012
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Previously we had used a hack so that Gmail would autobcc the email to salesforce address.  However, since Gmail recently deployed a new layout where message are composed in a pop-out window, the hack is broken.


As a temporary solution we are asking users to revert back to the old layout but I imagine this layout won't be available for too much longer.  If anyone has a hack for the new layout I'd love to see it :)



  • November 14, 2012
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G-Day Fellow Salesforcers,

A quick question. I am very keen to have my sales force & google apps account synchronized. (Mainly for contacts) Can anyone steer me in the right direction? There seems to be a few ways to do this though I want to use the one that's the simplest & most user friendly.

Appreciate the Help.


Ryan (Salesforce Newbie)

I would like to get some ideas on to properly handle Salesforce OAuth Consumer Key and Secret in Chrome Extensions and Gmail Gadgets. Chrome extensions are essentially Javascript wrapped up in a zip compatible format. If I need to build an extension that calls Salesforce APIs on behalf of the user, I have to embed the Salesforce generated App OAuth Consumer Key and Secret in Javascript for the extension. This creates the possibility of disclosure of the OAuth Consumer Key and Secret, and possible misuse.


I am curious as to how other developers are handling these OAuth Consumer Key and Secrets in installed apps.


Google provides anonymous Consumer Keys and Secrets for installed apps that need to access Google APIs. However Salesforce doesn't provide similar OAuth setup. Is this on the roadmap for the Salesforce OAuth 2.0 implementation?



hello all,


i am using "email to salesforce" functionality to get mails from gmail to opportunities in salesforce instance.


i got emailtosalesforce@y-fq50fah7p9rnb3cj60elbmam.9brdgeau.9.le.salesforce.com id from salesforce instance, and i copyed in Forwarding and POP/IMAP of my gmail account. after that it was asking for confirmation code..


so please tell me where i get this confirmation code...


i am getting mails as




Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:


Technical details of permanent failure:
Message rejected.  See http://mail.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?answer=69585 for more information.

----- Message suppressed -----


-------------------------------------- to my inbox....


thanks in advance.

Hi All,


I am trying to attach a gmail onto a Contact's record in Salesforce and it is going into "Unresolved Items".


The contact and his email are unique in Salesforce and the email address appears in the body of the email I am forwarding to Salesforce emailtosalesforce@l-5fhsv8ve3..... and exactly matches the email address on the Contact record.


Does anyone have some info on why this is happening and how to resolve it.


Thank you.





I want to develop an application which will take gmail authentication (gmail username and password) and using same authentication user can login to salesforce and user details will be saved in accounts and contacts.


I have installed Google data API toolkit in my developer account.

It would be great if anybody knows about  the google integration with salesforce.


Thanks in advance for your help.



Hi all,


If SF generates an address for bcc, how to put this unique address (Email to Salesforce Address) in Google apps.


It means when I compose a new email in Gmail the bcc SF address should be there automatically. I don't think that SF expects that I will put this address each time when I compose an email. 


Please, advice.


Many thanks, Vladan

Hi All


Is there any way to integrate gmail with in salesforce?

If yes, could you please provide me some implementation details.



  • July 17, 2009
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I am new to Salesforce and still struggling with it. I have two issues need your kind help.


In order to record all email conversations with our contacts in salesforce, we are trying to use the bcc to Salesforce and Gmail to Salesforce functions but none of them worked.


  • Bcc to Salesforce: I (as the system admin) activated the email to Salesforce from setup and every user received a email. After that, we added our own email addresses in the 'My Acceptable Email Address' and finished all the settings in 'My Email to Salesforce'. But when we sent emails to contacts in Salesforce and bcc to the long unique email address generated by salesforce, the contacts received the emails but nothing appeared in Salesforce, no activity history and no task whatsoever.

  • Gmail to Salesforce: I activiated the 'Gmail to Salesforce' and 'Gmail Buttons and Links' functions. Now I can see a Gmail icon next to all contacts' email addresses. When I click it, a new email opened with the unique bcc address in the bcc field. I sent out the mail and the contact received it successfully but there was nothing appeared in my Salesforce activity history and task. Some of my colleagues tested it too and none of them got their activities recorded in the Salesforce.

At least 5 of my colleagues tested the two functions respectively (followed the instruction from salesforce step by step) and they all failed.


It will be much appreciated if anyone could give me some suggestions.

So, I installed google apps and can send email from salesforce through my domain. 


Now, I am trying to receive emails from my domain to my sales force account.  I tried simply forwarding all messages from gmail to my salesforce email, but it said that the email it was sent from wasn't authorized to send emails to salesforce.


This can be done, right?  What am I missing?



  • March 30, 2009
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We have 25 salesforce users and have been using Outlook and Salesforce for 5 years.  We're considering a switch to GMail.  All of our emails have been stored in Salesforce.  Any recommendations, websites, links, etc.  on best practices and considerations that we should be researching before making such a move?

Gmail just launched their upgraded version -- unfortunately it's now causing my Gmail to Salesforce button to malfunction. Every time I click on it now, it doesn't recognize that I'm about to send a message and it pops up the "what's this" message about gmail. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I rely on this every day.


Bottom line - Gmail 2.0
- limited testing: Firefox, IE 7 (only some users)
- new JavaScript architecture
- look for: permalinks, new contact manager, photo picker, mail prefetching
- there aren't many new features, but I think these are the first steps for the social Gmail

  • February 04, 2009
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We are going live with salesforce this week and have decided to go with Google Mail. We have installed the Google plugin but can not get
the Google mail part to work. We can not get the Google buttom installed on the firefox browser? We can mail from Google through SalesForce. Thats works but it is to get the indbound mail activated.
Anyone who has tried this? Salesforce tech support can not help and referred me to SalesForce labs....
Ole Isaksen