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I'm new to Salesforce. I'm trying to insert data from my website code into Salesforce.


Can I get C sharp sample code to insert into Custom objects?


Thanks in advance

  • December 09, 2009
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I use salesforce Perl API and I can execute queries on
most saleforce tables (72 of them). However, there are 8
tables which I cannot query at all. These tables are: Name,
NoteAndAttachment, EmailStatus, OpenActivity,AdditionalNumber,
ProcessInstanceHistory, Approval and ActivityHistory.

When these same tables are queried with Perl API the following error
is generated:

INVALID_TYPE_FOR_OPERATION: entity type does not support query

Its worth pointing out that these entities ARE in the wsdl file,
and they ARE being referenced by other tables, and I CAN call
describe() on them from the API, and all the correct fields and their
types are returned..

So, does anybody have any ideas why do these tables not support
queries ? And what could I possibly do to debug this matter ?

Thanks ahead for any suggestions,


PS. Apologies for cross-posting
  • December 11, 2007
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I'm in the process of writing a recruiting portal which sits on top of the 'Recruiting Manager' application.  I would like to allow  users to upload a resume, and to that end have included a  'File' HTML input, which allows users to post a file to my code-behind page.  I would like to add this file as an Attachment to the 'Candidate' object.

I am able to create the Attachment record, and relate it to the Candidate object.  However, when I then try to download the file from SalesForce, it comes back as junk data.  I have isolated this to the need to convert the body from the byte[] returned by the HTML Input to a base64 byte[], for use by the Web Service API.

However, the only example I can find of how to do this on the boards, or in any SalesForce documentation, uses Visual Basic, and shows the developer using the 'Redim' method to resize the elements in the byte[] to Int64 before populating the array.

As I am developing in C#, I was wondering if anyone has a suggestion on how to do something similar in C#.  I have seen a few posts recommending downloading and installing custom components, but I am hosting my code on an external box, on which I have no control to add components.  I have tried using various methods for the Convert class, but none seem to be working.

Any ideas?