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I am trying to place a URL in Home page component.  my URL has a '&'  symbol in it. this URL is from external system trying to show  in home page as iframe.


for ex if my url is " http://biwfclt01dev.corptest.com/ibi_apps/WFServlet?&IBIAPP_app=acs_reporting&IBIF_ex=sfdc_am&IBIMR_proc=is_sfdc_am_db " like this after placing URL in iframe it is changing '&' value to "amp;" so its directing to different page.


Any suggestions greatly appriciated.

I have an app that creates completed tasks from emails through the SFDC API. However when it fails I would like to create the task as an Unresolved Item.


There doesn't appear to be much information anywhere (except Marketing stuff) about programatically creating or flagging objects as Unresolved Items or otherwise getting them into that interface for the user. Has anyone been able to do this or have any thoughts?

I have a component that accepts a Boolean attribute. Certain combinations of inline functions generate the error message shown in the subject line. See code below for details:


<!-- this produces the error --> <c:myComponent myBooleanValue="{!LEN(myObj__c.myField__c) == 0}" .../> <!-- this produces the error --> <c:myComponent myBooleanValue="{!LEN(myObj__c.myField__c) = 0}" .../> <!-- this works! --> <c:myComponent myBooleanValue="{!NOT(LEN(myObj__c.myField__c) > 0)}" .../>


Obviously I have a workaround (the last example) but I'm curious to know why the other two do not work.