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I am trying to refresh a sub page within the Service Cloud Console.


I have learned how to make Javascript calls properly to these functions to get my current tab's ID and the primary tab's ID.   My call-back functions work fine.  





I can also get calls to close a tab and refresh a primary tab to work fine.

sforce.console.refreshPrimaryTabById(tabId, true);



The problem I have is I want to refresh a different sub tab, but I do not know the name of it.   Here is the call I am trying to make.

sforce.console.refreshSubtabByNameAndPrimaryTabId('NAME OF OTHER SUB TAB', tabID, false);


I know the tabID is correct because I know my call to getEnclosingPrimaryTabId is working properly.


The documentation says to use the Name parameter that was used with the openSubtab call. 

The problem is that I did not open the Sub-tab with a call.  It was opened by the Service Console itself as soon as the object is clicked on within the normal functionality of the Service Console.


I am trying to refresh the Account page when I know that a related list of a custom object has been changed.


The flow is this....

1) The user opens the Service Cloud Console

2) The user selects and opens an Account.   This creates a new Primary tab and  one Sub-Tab

3) The user clicks on a custom button on the Account that opens a new Visual Force window in a new Sub-Tab.  There are now two sub-tabs.

4) The user takes an action on this new sub-tab that will change the data on the first Account sub-tab.   

      I want to be able to  refresh the Account sub-tab since its data has changed.    It seems like some actions will automatically force a refresh on the Account tab like using hte standard buttons to create a new child object, but I am using a custom Visualforce page.


It seems to me that if the Service Console is opening the sub tabs that it is assigning an arbitrary name like scc-st-9.  

The last number seems to increment with each sub tab that is opened.   The primary tab's name seems to have the format scc-pt-0.


 I want the name of the sub-tab that is the Account.    I would know the Account id so I could use that if needed.


Any ideas?  



Terry Luschen