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If you are looking to implement salesforce solutions that require

1) Visual Force/Apex development for internal application or Appexchange applications

2) .Net Development, Database developement(SQLServer, Oracle)

3) Integrations

4) Automation of Day to day maintanance and data clean up activities

I am currently accepting small and large projects. I have over 12 years experience developing enterprise solutions in multiple technologies and is accepting projects. I do money back guarantee.

Please contact pradykris@gmail.com


Best Regards


  • November 30, 2011
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Our team is incredibly experienced building solutions and products on the Force.com platform (among others) and includes previous Salesforce.com instructors and employees. We are always interested in speaking with talented individuals who share our values:

  • Be the best at what you do
  • Treat others with respect and honor those who work beside you
  • Find joy in your life and the joy in your work will follow
  • Have a deep sense of humor
  • Work hard and play hard

These are not values we looked up in some self-help book but simply reflect our nature. If these values happen to resonate with you, send us a message at careers at codescience dot com. No offshore or recruiters will receive a response.



Force.com Application Developer
Location: Chattanooga
Our technical roster is a Dream Team of Force.com architects, instructors and developers who have a long history on Force.com and other platforms both cloud and otherwise. Our backgrounds are diverse. From GUI to SOA, Java to dotNet, cloud to client-server, our team has done it all.


A good indicator of success for new developers is that you know more than one programming language and have little zealotry regarding technologies. You must love learning new things. The kicker: strong communication skills are a definite requirement and weighed evenly with your technical capabilities.


We know not everyone is the same in this world. We certainly don't expect you to be. It is guaranteed you'll be challenged in this role, but very well supported and very well paid.


Those developers who find our type of work a good fit have the following characteristics:
1. Some compiled language experience.
2. Lots of interpreted language experience.
3. Desire to work with interesting clients and projects.
4. Possess a deep loathing of cubicles and value flexibility and high pay over the 9-to-5 beige office experience.
5. Have a decent handle on building quality user experience apps.


- Computer Science Degree with 3.0+ GPA or 2+ years web application development experience 
- Experience with web application server environments/languages: ColdFusion, ASP.net, JSP and/or PHP or similar
- Solid with JavaScript as well as CSS 
- SQL experience on more than one major database


- Ajax toolkits: JQuery, ExtJS etc. 
- Java, C# 
- SOA 
- Force.com platform knowledge 
- Amazon Web Services knowledge 
- Google APIs 

- Android and/or Apple iOS
- GUI design sensibilities 
- Like building things that solve client needs elegantly

  • November 22, 2011
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