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i wants to provide facility to files which i uploaded

i wants implement this in visualforce page


please put code also

thanks in advance




I am using the current partner WSDL (C#/VS2008)



<!-- Salesforce.com Partner Web Services API Version 15.0 Generated on 2009-05-14 18:45:10 +0000. Copyright 1999-2009 salesforce.com, inc. All Rights Reserved -->




 to query for some basic Account, Contact, & Opportunity, etc. information.

Within the results, the <sf:Id> tag is repeated as excerpted below.  I searched but was not sucessful in determining if this is a known issue.


<records xsi:type="sf:sObject" xmlns="urn:partner.soap.sforce.com"> <sf:type>Contact</sf:type> <sf:Id>0038000000TrjoBAAR</sf:Id> <sf:Id>0038000000TrjoBAAR</sf:Id> <sf:FirstName>Edna</sf:FirstName> <sf:LastName>Frank</sf:LastName> </records> <records xsi:type="sf:sObject" xmlns="urn:partner.soap.sforce.com"> <sf:type>Opportunity</sf:type> <sf:Id>0068000000LOVjkAAH</sf:Id> <sf:Id>0068000000LOVjkAAH</sf:Id> <sf:Name>GenePoint Standby Generator</sf:Name> <sf:Description xsi:nil="true" /> </records>


Is this a known/fixed issue?  Thanks.

I need to use a formula field to build a hyperlink, part of which must be the current user's organization id.  Something like this:  HYPERLINK("urlhere/instance/" & {!OrgId}).
In both the Simple and Advanced formula editors, there is no choice for OrgId as a field.  It is also not available as a function.  I get an error if I try to include it using {!OrgId} or any other syntax I can think of.
Less important, but also odd: I don't see an equivalent of the API 7.0 Server URL either.  I just see GETSESSIONID().   Seems you should have access to the same fields as when defining a custom link.  or web tab.  I need to use the session id to go back and validate a single-sign-on request, and am currently having to hard-code na1.ambientsoftware.com, which is not a good thing.
- Dan