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I have a page where I have multiple contacts being displayed via< apex:outputfield>. I've been directed to use outputfield because it includes the basic hover functionality for the record (based on the mini page layout), and that works well enough.


The problem is when there are several of the same contacts displayed on the same page. When there are more than one of the same record, the position of the hover details popup is always with the first occurence of the contact. My assumption is that has something to do with the GetHoverDetails function relying on the id of the contact, and when there are multiple instances of the same contact (and thus the same id on an <a> or <div> container), it chokes.


I've tried passing in a unique identifier from the controller to use as the ID for the outputfield, but the ID on outputfield has to be a literal value.


Any suggestions as to how to enable hover details for duplicate contacts on the same page? Thanks in advance.