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I have a requirement where user would select an image(using apex:inputFile) and clicks preview button to see the preview of the selected image and once satisfied save button will save the image to the related attachment object. Transient keyword is not helping here as the selected image has to be show as preview first and I am running into view state error for large size images as blob variable for image has to be in view state. Any workarounds with out using Javascript is appreciated.

thanks in advance.


I have placed a vf section on a page layout. the VF page does some processing and calls some service web services in the controller constructor, because of which it is making the page load really slow.

I believe according to salesforce page layout framework vf sections load synchronously.


Is there a way I can bring the page layout first and then have the vf page loaded asynchonously?



we published a service in SF which other clients call. the service receives some data..applies some business logic/process and upserts based on a custom field which is set as external Id(unique). if  the external id value doesn't exist in sf  and we receive the same data back to back(within minute gap like millisecods) or two calls made to our service at the same time the second call is failing and give and error "Insert failed. First exception on row 0; first error: DUPLICATE_VALUE".

My guess here is while the first call is committing data to DB the second call upsert code is trying to look if the ext id value already exists and is not able to find the ext id match and it is trying to insert and then failing.

has any body experienced this or have a solution, please share.


Thanks in advance.