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Setting up a new implementation of Live Agent and tryin to understand if i need to use the pre-chat form or if I can get away with the deployment API as they both support the same key functions on findOrCreate.

The need it to have an authenticated customer on a website confirm if they want help with business process or technical support, this then displays the correct chat button. Also want the customer to have the ability to type in a case number should they have one. Once the click the chat button that appears (business or technical), if a case number was entered into the page this is used to search on, and if not found a new one is created, linked to chat transcript and shown in console.
We will also pass in the log in users email address as we have it so that can also be linked to the chat transcript.

Having tried this I don't know how to have the page show one chat button or another based on user input (radio button selection).

Or maybe this is just not possible and it has to be a two step process where once the relevant chat button is shown and clicked, we then have to ask the customer to enter an existing case number, and then ask them again to click on the "Chat Now" button... However hoping to avoid this two step process.

All suggestions & help greatly welcome.

  • September 15, 2016
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A colleague of mine is receiving this error, when he tries to install eclipse on his Windows pc 64 bits.


Has anyone come accross this.?


Eclipse Error