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Hi all.  Does anyone know if there's a way to make custom Content fields read-only in the UI?  We have several custom Content fields that we've created and made available to a specific Content Type.  We need to be able to set these fields via web services calling into the SFDC API, but we don't want users to be able to change them when they browse to a Content doc.  I can't seem to find a way to do this either via field-level permissions or the content type field layout page.  Thanks!

Question: we have  teams using different task record types;


In order to save users time, I did not want them to have to go through the select record type screen when they create a new task;  I created custom buttons that  will automatically select the appropriate task record type, and this is working fine.


However, when a user hits "save and new" on a task, then they get routed to the "select record type" screen.  Is there anyway I can modify the "save and new" button the same way I made my custom buttons?  I could not find anything...



Is there any to pass to parameters from a javascript to a actionFunction?

For eg  I have a var 'x' in javascript set to some value. On some condition I need to call a actionFunction which calls a controller. I need to pass the value of x to the controller. I can pass using param tag of actionFunction to controller but how to pass x to the actionFunctio?