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Can anybody help finding me the way how to refund amount from paypal and get balance enqiry using salesforce.

I already done successful integration with salesforce and paypal and my class is working for making payements to sandbox account of paypal using my VF page through the s=following controller and vf page.


hello friends,


                         i am new from salesforce, i plane to  study developer so which one is best for my careear DEV 401 or DEV 501...?

thanks in advance.:) 

HI All,

 I have a doubt here.In the following query

    SELECT CreatedBy.Name
    FROM Notes
FROM Account

 Account is the parent object and notes is the child object.

In the nested query it is using CreatedBy.Name.....so that means Notes is parent and User is child.....Is that correct???

If that is true....i dont see any field called CreatedBy in notes....i am able to see only CreatedById.

Please clarify me on this.

  • March 24, 2012
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I've got an issue with a workflow rule that sometimes will fail randomly for no apparent reason. But you receive an email with the error code, the record and the workflow that couldn't execute properly eg:


Object Type: Subscription

Record: S0296148-10


Workflow Rules attempted: Set Subs Status: C-Lg https://cs7.salesforce.com/01Q200000006l4D

Workflow Actions attempted: Set Subs Status: C-Lg https://cs7.salesforce.com/04Y200000000Woe

Error Number: 1810175818-62655 (-1072421861) 
Date: 13 Mar 2012 12:49:43 GMT


Previously I've emailed support and asked for the debug log for the particular error number and they have sent it to me. But now I'm being pinged around all over support redirecting to different teams without actually getting the error log. I'm sure this is something they used to be able to do because i've done it before. Is this still something they can do? if so how do I tell them how to get the log??


  • March 23, 2012
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  When i am trying to send data through Outbound Messaging it is giving error ----- (503)Service Unavailable . My end point URL is for a local machine on Apache .  How i can test it on local machine .





How data can be sent from Salesforce to Drupal using  Workflow Rules and Outbound Messages to



in how many ways we can send the data in to production can nayone reply me thanks in advance

Hi All,


In my c# application, is it possible to retrive the list of Visualforce pages created in SF through Your Name | Setup Develop | Pages?? Any suggestion would be of great help.



  • February 06, 2012
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         I want to use apex:dynamic component in my page to addcomponents dynamically.

         But it is giving me error ' Unknown component apex:dynamicComponent'.and it is released in summer 11.


  • January 20, 2012
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My Org has 16ml records in the Contacts object (we have done data migration from a legacy system) and I am getting a Time Limit Exceeded error when trying to open the Contacts Tab. 

Time limit exceeded

Your request exceeded the time limit for processing. 


Majority of these contacts are associated with one Account (Private Individual) and Salesforce Support have suggested that this may be the reason. They recommended attaching these Contacts to multiple Accounts.


These Contacts are individuals (consumers) and I am wondering if moving to Person Accounts for this Org will solve the problem. 






  • January 06, 2012
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