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Hi Friends,


I have a situation in which i have customer portal and I have link on the customer portal which when clicked shyould take me to another web site.


I will be using rest based services.In this scenario

1)Which one isgoing to be client and which one is going to be server

2)In the remote settings what am i suppose to register



Please help






  • April 03, 2012
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So far I want to use Apex class to send chatter message,

And use my mobile app to invoke this Aapex class.

Could anybody can help me about how to do this in Apex?

Is there some Object about chatter message in Apex?


Is there a way to execute a trigger when a post is liked?  

Feedlike is restricted but we looked at the FeedCount in feeditem.

Created an after update trigger on FeedItem that tests for a Likecount >0.

I could be doing something wrong but it doesn't appear that updating the LikeCount causes the trigger to fire.



trigger FeedItem_Update_Payable_Status on FeedItem (after insert,after update) {

for (FeedItem FI : trigger.new)
if (FI.LikeCount != 0)

Action required goes here









Normal we access Salesforce (outside Salesforce enviroment) through web services generated from WSDL file.


I have a requirement in which I can not deploy WSDL web services at client end. Is there some way we can access Salesforce (from outside Salesforce enviroment) without using WSDL web services.





Perhaps I'm missing something here but I can't find any docs or way to write unit tests for Apex REST classes for v24. Here's my class:


global with sharing class MemberRestSvc {
  global static String doGet() {
    String[] uriKeys = RestContext.request.requestURI.split('/');
    // do awesome programming stuff here



With a v23, I would typically write a test like:


RestRequest req = new RestRequest(); 
RestResponse res = new RestResponse();
req.requestURI = 'https://cs9.salesforce.com/services/apexrest/v.9/member/me/results/today';  
req.httpMethod = 'GET';

String results = MemberRestSvc.doGet(req, res);


However, I can't figure out how to specify the requestURI. It looks like the the System.RestContext class is not writeable? I keep getting NPEs. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Jeff Douglas

Appirio / CloudSpokes



This is my first project with SalesForce and what I need to be able to do is (if possible) have a totally javascript (client side) "widget" to display a users chatter feed.


I've seen a few examples of a JS only solution for OAuth, but there are no examples on SalesForce for this and any I have found use server side code to handle authentication.  THe examples are the Yahoo and Google framework, but I'm not sure they will work...


I am working within a sandbox (Office 365, SharePoint online) on the server and cannot make web requests to other domain - as far as I am aware.


Any thoughts on this?

I'm trying to update the voting count associated to content - the like and dislike buttons.  I know the field is ContentVersion.PositiveRatingCount but this field is read only.  Is there any other way to update this field anyone knows about?  Thanks - 



  • September 15, 2011
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When a lead is converted, you can specify the new owner of the account/contact.in UI.


I am trying to detect if this is happening in a trigger. In the after update trigger on lead, the owner of the created contact is the same as that of the lead. 

So I thought perhaps the contact ownership change is being done AFTER lead is updated. I wrote a separate after update  trigger on contact to see if the ownership change. It doesn't change there either.


The final contact owner indeed is the new owner, but no triggers seem to detect it.

Turns out orgs provisioned in past (perhaps 2008 and earlier) don't have this issue (the ones where Leads->Settings->Enforce Validation and Triggers from Lead Convert option does not exist). In newer orgs, it makes no difference if I turn on this flag or turn it off. 


What is going on?