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following in my simple Apex class where am Trying to insert ApexPage Record, but am getting 'DML not Allowed on ApexPage', can any one help me on this please


public class test{
   public void createPage(){
       List<ApexPage> pageList = new List<ApexPage>();
        pageList.add(new ApexPage(Name = DynamicPageCreation,
                                                           Markup = <apex:page>Test Success</apex:page>,
                                                              ApiVersion = 27.0,
                                                      MasterLabel = DynamicPageCreation) );
         insert pageList;


Thanks in Advance,




If the Mode1(Picklist field) ivalue is "HELLO" the below mentioned fields should be made mandatory .


C1 (Textfield)

Date  (date field)

  • March 27, 2012
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I'm trying to write a class that would be schedulled in order to download a file from the internet and attach it to a custom object once a day.


The file is a Zip file that contains an XML document inside.


Idealy in java I simply use the IO.downloadFileFromHttpsURL(url, null, file); method to save the file into a local machine. IS there a method in SalesForce to do this and save the file downloaded to an instance of a custom object?





  • July 09, 2010
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