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I am Facing an error in test environment after migrating the code from dev. When i click on a PDF report button which in turn would generate a visual force page as pdf format,it is showing List index out of bounds:0 error.Atleast it should display some account details as i have queried for that.

  • October 26, 2012
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I've a baisc question on Integration and web services part.


1) We are integrating oracle with salesforce through web services. what i would like to know is,

      - If i provide the enterprise WSDL to oracle, can it login to salesforce (yes, i know this part) and create an account, contact and a case? ( should some one write the logic in oracle side to do this?)

      - Do i need to write a web service in Salesforce to create an account, contact and case, then send a response back to oracle? I thought i should write a web serivce, but some salesforce consulting expert told me that these actions are possible if i give the oracle team just the standard enterprise WSDL rather me writing a web service to do these actions.


Please confirm.





  • April 18, 2012
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As part of a Project, we are in the process of identifying the

1. Number of ways to connect to an External System from Salesforce(As we need to connect to the external system, get required data from the external system and use that data in the Salesforce application) and

2. Finalizing the feasible/suitable approach of the above.


Can anyone please provide the different approaches of connecting Salesforce to External Systems and their feasibility in usage.

If you can give me a sample code for each of the approaches that would be of really great help for me.


Thanks in advance,