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I want to add cutom buttons "Save" and "Save and Send" in a custom object

I added custom buttons in custom objetcs but not able to show these in Edit Page Layout

How can i accomplish this, please advice


I created a new custom apex page.  Now I am trying to create a custom button on Quote Line Item to bring up this new page.    I select List Button as Display Type and Content Source as  VisualForce Page.   But the Content drop down list where you are suppose to select the page is empty.


I have gone back to the custom page and clicked the Security link and have selected "Standard Platform User", "Standard User", "System Administrator" but no pages show up.  Which profiles need to be enabled to have the button bring up a page for the Quote or Quote Line Items?   Then I enabled all the profiles for the Security and still no pages show up in my content list drop down.  


So how can I attach a custom button to a apex page that I create if the list is always empty??


I need to update a property in an object with a value from a callout.



When the user creates a new Contact I want to do a lookup for the address details and update the address as needed.


Current tested theory:

- In the 'After Insert' trigger I pass the Contact.Id to a future method that does the callout.

- The future method updates the Contact


The issue is that the Contact form shows the contact BEFORE the web call was done.


I don't have the Id if I do this process in the 'Before Insert' trigger.


Any toughts or suggestions?



I have a requirement is that


I have a field name as 'Job Name' where i filles engineer in one record now if user again creating the record where job name is engineer then its should show error massage that one record with same job name is allready exist.


So any idea how i can write a trigger for this.


Thanks in Advance:))))

  • April 30, 2012
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