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Hello Experts I have a requirement where I have to validate the ticket number for a reservation. The ticket numbers get assigned by a user. We want to make sure that the ticket number was not assigned to any other reservation record for the same show. So, essentially I would have to browse through all the reservation ticket nos for that show and check if it has not been assigned. How can I do this? Will I need an Apex class or just a complex set of formulaes? Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance for your time Regards, Pradhip.S

I have installed Salesforce for Mobile in my iPad (ios ver 4.3.2) but not to activate the app when I enter my user and password details. It gives me an error that 'Not connected, please check your network settings'. But I am sure that internet is connected. Is there any way out for this?


Also, the specific "Salesforce for iPad" apps in the app market is for ios Ver 5. Could you provide me with a link for ios 4 ,if any?

I'm getting following error frequently (not always) when trying to Upload Bulk Data using  Data Loader Command line script.


Failed to send request to https://www.salesforce.com/services/Soap/u/21.0/services/Soap/u/21.0 at com.sforce.ws.transport.SoapConnection.send(SoapConnection.java:117)