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I have a situation where I store template, question and answer information in 3 different objects and all are tied togeather like template>question>answer. We recently got upgraded to Summer'12 release in sandbox and Iam trying to use Visual workflow to design a process for taking a template survey.Ideally I want the flow to work like

-Query the list of templates available and let the user to choose one (I was able to do this via dynamic choice drop down list)

-For the chosen template get all the available questions and their answers (Not sure how to do this)

-Save the Qn and Ans results to a different object and then tie that to an account. (Can we insert all qn and ans in one record create element in the workflow?)

Thanks for your help.


Is it possible to return multiple records within Flow designer on a lookup?

I have not seen a way to loop through result set and assign to a variable[0,1,2...] which could be displayed on a text screen.