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Wondering what SocialPost.object is and how I ended up getting the SocialPersona.object and not the SocialPost.object? How do I enable the SocialPost.object?

I have a sandbox referencing SocialPost.object and related layouts but when I try to deploy using ANT to Production instance, Product instance has no idea what SocialPost.object is. This is weird as the sandbox is a fairly new refresh from Production. Any ideas?


Thanks, JDL

I have a trigger that I update before wether a insert or update. The problem that I am having is that I update the value in the trigger before section.  But for some reason that update to the object is trigger another update.  Is there a way to either not have the trigger, trigger the update after or capture the object before the trigger.





Hi I have following piece of code , where I am trying to link an external URL from the visualforce page but here it is always adding the sfdc server instance in front of the url so the url is not opening at all. Please tell me how to avoid the server url in front: https://<server_name>.cs4.visual.force.com/apex/http//www.google.co.uk

<apex:pageBlockSection columns="1">
                    <!--<apex:commandLink action="{!websiteLink}" value="{!Contract.Partner_Website__c}" id="theCommandLink" target="_blank"/>-->
                    <apex:outputLink value="http//www.google.co.uk" target="_blank">{!Contract.Partner_Website__c}</apex:outputLink>
                    <apex:inputField value="{!Contract.Description}" style="height:150px;width:100%"/>
                    <apex:inputField value="{!Contract.Komentar_fuer_Freigabe__c}" style="height:110px;width:100%"/>






Hi everyone, 


I'm currently facing a business requirement that I think it might be accomplished with force.com sites. 


This is the part of the model involved (3 custom objects)

-  License

-  Contributor

-  Joint object (License, Contributor)


Each license might need many contributors, and each contributor might be involved in many Licenses.

Initially, each contributor is not a regular user of Salesforce (actually, he/she will only interact with salesforce to change License records linked to each of them).


I’ve thought about using Force.com sites (I’m not sure if they are called like that, but I refer to the ones that allow visualforces).


Logic would be as follows:

-  A real user of salesforce will create contributors (and store a random token that will be sent to each contributor to allow them to register).

-  One of those contributors will get into the site and click on Register. The form will ask for all the information required and the token (to check that he really is the one he claims to be). If everything goes OK, a user will be created and will be ready to log-in.

-  About security, there will be a trigger on Joint object that includes each user on License__share.


Do you think this can be done using sites (the ones that allow the use of VisualForce)?

Do you think this is the best option?