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Hi ,

 Im trying to deploy changes using ANT migration tool.

I'm getting below error. Please help me. Any help is really appreciated.
API Name Type        Line   Column     Error Message
Account  Custom Object 0 0 Custom Field Definition ID: bad value for restricted picklist field: RecordType




I have an application that works very well in unpackaged, or unmanaged packaged code. However if I upload it to a managed package then the JavaScript remoting calls fail. I know this because nothing happens in my app and the following appears in the console:



Here I notice that it's not prepending my package namespace, a bug from managed packaging when it originally came out! Having a look at the sourcecode confirms this:



I've FBI'ed the code out but there's no namespace to the doubleunderscores in this code.


This leads me to believe I've uncovered a bug which makes me sad since my app is about 80% JavaScript. Any chance I'm doing something incorrectly and this isn't a bug?