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I am working on lead page in salesforce and i want to create custom button “Find duplicates/Convert lead “on lead page and i remove the Convert lead button from the page layout.I want the rest functionlaity working as is e.g;
when user click on “Find duplicates/Convert lead ” button then page should take the user from the lead page, it goes to the leadmergewizard and there’s a ‘Convert lead’ button in that page.
so help me for this that how should i approach this issue.

I am new to salesforce and i made visualforce page.I need to add "2 tabs " which are the following(these are custom fields):
1.  training calender tab: user select this tab and should be able to see calendar
2. Search the calendar tab: when user click on the tab then should be able to see popup window
I dont know that what i need to add in my visualforce page so that i can get this tabs visible  in the page .
please help me 

Is it possible to change the label on a standard button on a standard Salesforce page (e.g., change "Add Product" to "Add Line Item")?  I could create a custom button ---- but how do I find the appropriate Button/Link URL to include for Add Product functionality?