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Just did a deployment for a minor patch and Oauth is failing when trying to authenticate my application against Salesforce.

The error is delivered as disposition: attachment and clims that there is a redirect_uri_mismatch when I have not changed it.
  • April 15, 2017
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The iCalendar Export 1.2 package is pretty good in terms of providing access to a selected window of events for any given user, however it does require the user to actively remember to re-export their events periodically so their local iCal or Outlook is in sync with any changes or additions on Salesforce.

Would it be possible to modify the export so that rather than exporting a single set of events it exports a subscription?

  • September 10, 2012
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Howdy, I noticed at SF hackathon that Ruby+SF Oauth would sometimes fail with "Oauth_Missing_Token". It would only fail about 50% of the time. Pat and I talked about it and we think it has to do with periods being in the body of POST request in the final bearer token exchange of OAuth. The omniauth-salesforce gem was passing it in POST body instead of Header. I fixed that here: https://github.com/realdoug/omniauth-salesforce/pull/13.

This was not really an issue in my production logs until today, 10/20. With no other oauth changes, we went from 0 errors to 100% failure rate with OAuth connecting. Changing it from POST to Header fixed it. Therefore, I can only think that there is an issue with how POST is processed on the receiving end.

I am trying to write a trigger to chang the quotelineitem's sort order by copying the item number, which is a custom field. I am recieving the following error:


Compile Error: Field is not writeable: QuoteLineItem.SortOrder


Here is my code:

trigger LineItemSortOrder on QuoteLineItem (Before Insert, Before Update) {
    QuoteLineItem[] q = trigger.new;

   for (integer i = 0; i < q.size(); i++) {
      QuoteLineItem nquote = q[i];
      nquote.sortorder = integer.valueof(nquote.Item__c);


Is there any way around this error?


Thank you,