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Can Authenticated web site user access CRM Content/Libraries

we have SSO(Federation ID) enabled in our Organization for Plat form users and we would like to enable SSO for Overage Authticated website users as well.


Can any one help me how to achieve this?




Is it possible to add records to PermissionsetAssignment Object through the Apex code?

Hi All,


I am having problem with sites. 


Actually I have created a flow and I am running that flow using the visualforce page on sites. 


The procedure in my flow is: 1. It will check the existing contact. 2.  then we will redirect to another flow screen and 3. form( custom object) record will be created.


I have given form__c object permission for Guest user license on sites and also the fields but as soon as I click on the next button ie., on 2 step I am getting authorization required error. I have check with visualforce page it is going well but I am not able to do it with sites. Can anyone help me in the issue.


Thanks in advance.



Swathi Siliveri

  • November 27, 2012
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We are trying to use apex:inputField to edit the field body of Standard Object "Question" in a visualforcepage.

Our problem is that the editor which renders with apex:inputField is visible when we look at the visualforce page inside SFDC.

But, it doesn't render when we call this page inside Salesforce site.

We need apex:inputField since we want to give user the ability to upload image while editing the post.

We have given permissions to all fields. 

Can you please help us with this?

  • July 31, 2012
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Hi All,


I have a Force.com Site page where I am tring to display an inputField, but it's not showing up. The visualforce page when it render it by it self it shows up, but through the site it's not showing up.


I have done the following so far, so these are not the issues:


1. Given permission to the object for the Site Profile

2. Given Visible permission at the field level

3. Given access to the Controller class


Can someone help? thanks.