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Hi ,


  I dont see any of the approvals on the delegated approver home page items to approve list , even though many are visible in my approvers items to approve section .


As intended , if there is a delegated approver to a approver , all the pending approvals should be  seen by both the users .


I receive only mails regarding the approvals to my approver but i dont see the list in the items to approve section of delegated user home page .


Please share your view on this




  We have a contract custom object with account as parent.

If the contract end date is about 180 days, a chatter feed should be placed on the account owner chatter page.

Any help please.


Thanks in advance.


I have an opportunity where a User lookup is created to it.


Now whenever an opporunity record is created which contains the User lookup too, the user selected in the record should get the chatter feed whenever some changes are done to the opportunity.



Is this possible using a trigger??? Or any sort of customization??


Pls suggest...

I am using Sites to create a custom VF portal login page.  The custom VF portal login page works except when an invalid username and/or password is submitted.  When an invalid username and/or password is submitted, the default SF portal login page is displayed and not the current custom VF portal login page.  Is there a parameter that can be passed to the login_portal.jsp to redirect to the current custom VF portal login page.   Here is the current code:



Global pageReference login()
    String startURL = 'https://naX.salesforce.com/secur/login_portal.jsp';
    startURL += '?orgId=00Dxxxxxxxxxxx&portalId=060xxxxxxxxxx&loginType=3';
    startURL += '&startURL='; 
    startURL += '&loginURL=';
    startURL += '&useSecure=true';
    startURL += '&un=' + username;
    startURL += '&pw='+ password;
    startURL += '&retURL=http://npifinancial.force.com/SmartSpend';
     pageReference p = new PageReference(startURL);
     return p;



  • September 22, 2010
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I have a problem regarding salesforce email under apex area.

The problem is using 'Html Email Templates' with setTargetObjectId method does not set the User Id:


Messaging.SingleEmailMessage mail = new Messaging.SingleEmailMessage(); logger.log('User found: ' + caseR.User__c); mail.setTargetObjectId(caseR.User__c); mail.setTemplateId('00XT0000000iwz7'); Messaging.Sendemailresult[] emailResult = Messaging.sendEmail(new Messaging.Email[] { mail } , false); logger.log('Email Result: ' + emailResult);


And the logging result says that TargetObjectId is null. Why?:


2/01/2010 09:15: User found: 00520000000pjkYAAQ 12/01/2010 09:15: Email Result: (Messaging.SendEmailResult[getErrors=(Messaging.SendEmailError[getTargetObjectId=null;]);isSuccess=false;])


Please help!




  • January 12, 2010
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What I want to accomplish is two pageBlocks next to each other that maintain the same size regardless of screen size. Below is the code that is causing issues. It seems that the title attribute of the pageBlock is causeing the pageBlock size to change. If you remove the titles the blocks are perfectly even.

I'm pretty new at this so if there is a better way to have to page blocks next to each other I'm all ears.

        <apex:panelGrid columns="2" id="theGrid" width="100%">
                <apex:pageBlock title='Big Long Ugly Title #!$!#'>
                <apex:pageBlock title='Small'>


  • January 25, 2008
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