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Hii all


I am trying to update my managed package in Master Trialforce org.I am installing that package through installation link.

Though It get update in my trialforce org ,but it not displaying any of attributes/components in that org.


For instance,I have an Custom app"Test App" in my package which is showing in app : setup-Create-app, but it not showing in app dropdown list .

Same with objects,dashboard and reports.


When i tried to access my package objects,it showing me info message that,you don't have licence to access it.


Please help


Thanks in advance.


I am receiving the following exception while running my test class.I am not getting its meaning.

please let me know if anyone know this.



"System.DmlException: Insert failed. First exception on row 0; first error: CANNOT_INSERT_UPDATE_ACTIVATE_ENTITY, Product2Trigger: execution of AfterInsert caused by: System.ListException: List index out of bounds: 0 Class.Product2TriggerHandler.addPriceBookEntry: line 80, column 1 Trigger.Product2Trigger: line 26, column 1: []"

I want to be able to create a record when this flow is ran (under a certain critieria) but i also want to be able to pull across all the information that has been inputted into the flow by the customer into the custom object record in Salesforce.


I am new to this Cloud based workflow designer and i have made the flow in terms of decisions and screens but need a hand in connecting that with the object in salesforce


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Many Thanks


Natalie White

I have activated the opportunity products (and 2 price books) in my sandbox environment and have activated "Prompt users to add products to opportunities"


After making a new Opportunity, in step 2 users have to select a pricebook before products can be added to the opportunity.


In our situation the two price books (professionals Services and projects) are dependent on the type of Opportunity: (professional Services and project). It would be very user friendly if the price book automaticly would be chosen dependent of the opportunity type that is filled in at the new Opportunity (professional services and projects).


At this moment users have to fill in what type of opportunity it is, but again have to select what pricebook belongs to that opportunity type. That's not ideal.


Is there a solution to automate this?