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Hi guys,


I have a VF page that sometimes has performance issues that I can't reproduce.


The page controller has a couple of very fast queries that populate a set of custom objects (~30 records) created in an inner class.


The VF page uses a javascript library stored as static resource (zip file with 40kb) and pull ou the records as a sortable table.


As I said I can't reproduce the performance issues, the page generation time is usually ~300ms but if the user doesn't hit the page in 7 days or so the next time the generation time is > 60 sec.


I wonder if the performance issue is related with the apex:includeScript tag and !URLFOR($Resource....) and if replacing these by a hardcoded URL will solve that. Any clues?


Thanks in advance.



I'm getting connected to QB Online and authenticated, but now I'm trying to get a list of accounts.  I'm getting an invalid version on my return.

Here is the request that I'm using....
system.HttpRequest[Endpoint=https://sandbox-quickbooks.api.intuit.com/v3/company/13860xxxxx/query?query=SELECT * FROM Account, Method=GET]

The header is this:
OAuth oauth_consumer_key="qyprdkbWYESxxxxxxxxxxxxxH", oauth_nonce="-1898820638843667087", oauth_signature_method="HMAC-SHA1", oauth_timestamp="1454507703", oauth_token="qyprdswhS3apsDvUS3HmHxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx7X0tKGxBj3oCmnU", oauth_version="1.0", Host="qbo.intuit.com", Connection="Keep-Alive", oauth_signature="rgnqOLJqe11xxxxxxxoyG82voyMg%3D"

And my response is:
System.HttpResponse[Status=Unknown Version, StatusCode=400]

I've tried taking the version out.  I've tried chainging it to 2.0 - I still get the same error.

​Any thoughts?
Hi All,

I am having a requirement to integrate QuickBooks online with Salesforce. In this, I am successfully getting authorized from Salesforce to my app on QuickBooks. I am using version V1 to getting request token and access token, secret credentials. But, when I am trying to make a request to getting all Accounts from QuickBooks app with using V3, got the Authentication error: Unauthorized. If anyone faces this type of exception and got success to make request from SF to QB please help me to getting out from this exception.

Thanks in advance!