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Hi all,


We lend Demo-Products to our customers by a certain time period with a lot of date fields.

(delivery date to customer, arrival date at customer, delivery date back to us, arrival date back to us, ...)


I need a report that gives a overview over all Demo-Products, which shows where is a Product at certain point of time.

I can not present it in a well readable presentation with Salesforce standard tools.


Is there any possibility to create reports with Apex or extend Salesforce customized reports with Apex.



I am trying to create a Date of Birth field. Whether you are using a VF page or a regular page layout, when you use the calendar in Salesforce, it only lets you pick from years going forward. So the calendar is useless for something like a Date of Birth since obviously the year is before this year. Obviously the user can type the date, but is there any other way to adjust how the calendar behaves.