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I'm trying to create a FLOW that will lookup specific records based on a date field:


"How many Opportunities are there where the date field Closing_Date__c is THIS MONTH"


A.  Is this possible in FLOW; and B. If so, how would I go about doing this?


Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!







Currently, I have a VF page with embeded Flow on Case Layout. The VF loads automatically when Case page loads, which slows down the loading of the Case page.


Is it possible to load the VF page manually through a custom butotn or any other way or to manually load the embeded flow if that will reduce the loading time of the Case page.


Thank you.

We have set up multiple workflows in and wanted to see if there was a way to move the "previous" and "finish" buttons to be center justified vs. right justified.  Also one other question is to make it possible to use the enter key vs space bar to execute the button


Any help is appreciated!!

I've tried the application in Chrome and Firefox, updated flash and it is still crashing when I attempt to make the smallet adjustments to a flow.  It seems there's no desktop version of the this available anymore either, has anyone else been experiencing issues?

I have a simple flow as follows:


1. Screen 1: Create a contact record Yes or No

2. Decision Yes or No

3. If i choose No, I go to the finish screen right away.

4.  If Yes, I go to screen 2 when i enter the contact name, address etc

5. Then i save my contact record 

6. Go back to step 1 which will ask me if i want to create a contact or not....


Q1: Here I have the same issue as mentionned in Here where the Yes is selected by default. Is there a way to bypass it?


Q2: I call my flow from a VF tab from the page as follows:


<apex:page sidebar="false" tabStyle="Contact" cache="false">
<flow:interview name="Ouverture_du_dossier_Client" finishLocation="{!URLFOR('/home/home.jsp')}"/>

When I run the flow from the VF page, and the second time I reach step 4, my contact form retains all the previous values i had entered and this is a pain. Please also note that I disabled caching in my browser. Has anyone encountered this data caching issue when revisiting flow screens? 


Thanks in advance,







  • January 10, 2013
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