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This doens't seem to be avaialble in the validation rule fields for inserting into the rule.  We use this a great deal and with the Spring '13 release it is no longer an option.  Is this intentional?  What should be used for this in validation rules?



I am having a weird problem with the Force.com IDE.


Creating a project is fine, my credentials work and everything is downloaded from the server. However, after that I can't do anything, whenever I open a class or page, etc it says that my credentials are wrong and won't let me deploy to the server. The weird part is that when it asks me to input my details to deploy, it all works fine and gets deployed normally. It's almost as if it keeps forgetting my details for some reason...


On the project properties page my password, security token are blank, even if I put them in and reopen the properties it's blank again.



Is there any way to remove defaults Reports from the Campaign Home page.





Hello i want to use formula field in ISCHANGED() in Workflow rule criteria but i get error like bellow.


Formula :


IF( AND ( Risk_Rating__c = 'D' , Total_AR__c > 0 ,  ISCHANGED( Oldest_Due_Date__c ) , true, false) )


Note : here Oldest_Due_Date__c is formula field with Date return type.


Error: Function ISCHANGED may not be used in this type of formula