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Greetings All,


Long time user, first time post. Looking for some help with customization of revenue schedule formulas… The default divides the $ by # of months. I need the actual monthly amount - even if there's only 1 day remaining in the month an ad starts.


Scenario: Advertising Sales co. – Opptys/products to display the amount of revenue, by month, for the Ad term. In other words: actual “ad run” $ amount, per month. Also, the number of days/months an ad will run vary. Can be 1-day to 26-months...


Here is a simple example:

  • Amount Closed $12,000.00
  • Ad start date 8/15/2010
  • Ad end date 10/20/2010
  • Total of 65 days @ 184.62 per day

# of days the ad will run in each month is:

• 16 days, first month (8/15/2010 -8/31/2010). 16*184.62= What I need displayed is: 2,953.85 August.

• 30 days, second month (9/1/2010-9/30/2010)30*184.62= "    "  5,538.46 September.

• 19 days, third month (10/1/2010-10/20/2010). 19*184.62= "    " 3,507.78 October.


ANY help is greatly appreciated! I’ve spent countless hours on the discussion boards and developer pages looking for this solution... no luck (found similar postings; not resolved).  


Thank you!



Does anyone know if Salesforce has a better tool to use with regards revenue recognition other than the Product Schedule option?

The Product Schedule option is clever but not nearly as flexible as it needs to be.  (atleast from what I know)

Pre Salesforce we used a simple excel spreadsheet to forecast monthly revenues from our pipeline. 

So essentially what we need is to set automatic schedules based on formula rates and start dates rather than having to manually edit each record’s start date and rate.

Any Ideas?  Here is an example of what we need and how robust it needs to be

Total Project                      Daily Revenue                                   Formula Start Date      Month 1     Month 2    Momth 3     Momth 4

Revenue                                     Recognition Rate                             

$100,000                                            $2,000                                                                August 31                            2000       60,000            38,000

$300,000                                           $4,000                                                                 August 30                            8000       120,000          120,000         52,000


We have all the formula fields needed but we don’t know how to tell Salesforce to use them for forecasting or revenue scheduling. 

Thank you for your help!!!!!