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Hi Friends,


                    I have a scenario where I need to send the email with the pdf attachment once the record is insert (this is for custom object).

Record for the custom object will be inserted when an Event is created with particular condition(This is done through trigger).


I wrote an apex class and I called that class from the trigger. It worked fine. I used the getContentasPdf to render the record inputs as pdf  to send as attachment. But the "getContentasPdf" is not supported in triggers. Is there any other way to send a email with pdf as attachment from trigger. Please help me!!


- Logesh

  • December 07, 2011
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Hi All,


I want to send an email with an Attachment from Notes and Attachment related list.


i.e. i have few attachments inside Notes and Attachment related list of a custom Object.. and on a button click i need to send an email with attachment


please let me kow how can i do that...