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Hello All,


We recently launced a solutions page for our customers by generating the HTML code through the Public Solutions feature in Salesforce.  The solutions display in an iframe on our page and everything is functioning correctly except for the fact that there are two unwanted columns that are visible to our customers, they are 'Number of Related Cases' and 'Last Modified Date'.  


I searched for a way to remove these columns as we do not want our customers to be able to see them.  I couldn't find any documentation around this so I submitted a case to Salesforce Support, whereby I was told that I needed to modify the HTML code but they could not tell me how and subsequently pointed me to the developer board.


Here is the HTML code that is generated -


<IFRAME title="Content" src="http://na4.salesforce.com/sol/public/search.jsp?orgId=00D300000006JjL" WIDTH="515" HEIGHT="360"></IFRAME>


Any ideas how I can modify the Public Solutions HTML to remove the two columns? 


Thanks for your help.