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 I installed my base org package in trial org. I couldn't able to change the filer criteria in trial org because this field is in the package this problem is facing for every client. I did resolved this problem earlier by creating a new field but here is the problem is if I am creating a new field the total fictionally I should change. Is there any other to do this.



           Any help is highly appreciated 



How I can do this assignment correctly?





global Database.Querylocator start(Database.BatchableContext bc){
//where fecha_del_evento__c>=LAST_N_DAYS:1
return Database.getQueryLocator([SELECT ID, Comentarios_Invitados__c,EventRelationId__c,Estado_Invitado__c,fecha_del_evento__c FROM Informe_icex__c]);

global void execute(Database.BatchableContext BC, List<sObject> scope){

Map<ID, Informe_icex__c> iMap = new Map<ID, Informe_icex__c>((List<Informe_icex__c>)scope);
System.Debug('iMap Records : ' + iMap);

Set<Id> sIdInforme = new Set<Id>();
Informe_icex__c ii;

for(sObject c:scope) {
ii = (Informe_icex__c) c;

System.Debug('sIdInforme Records: ' + sIdInforme);

List<Informe_icex__c> listToBeUpdated = new List<Informe_icex__c>();

for(EventRelation er:[SELECT Id,response,Status,RelationId,EventId,RespondedDate FROM EventRelation WHERE Id IN :sIdInforme]){
System.Debug('EventRelation Records er: ' + er);
if (!iMap.containsKey(er.Id)) {
System.Debug('passed through here : ' + iMap);
Informe_icex__c icex = iMap.get(er.Id); //I saw that this assignment is empty, the error is System.NullPointerException: Attempt to de-reference a null object
System.Debug('Icex Records : '+ icex);
System.Debug('Its different from new : ');
icex.Comentarios_Invitados__c = er.response;
icex.Estado_Invitado__c = er.status;


if(listToBeUpdated.size()>0) update listToBeUpdated;
System.Debug('passed through here update : ');

I am trying to create a simple VF page that renders a PDF from HTML that is passed in by my controller. Using the VF code below, the dynamic HTML renders properly as a regular VF page, but when I add the "renderAs="PDF" to my page tag, only the raw HTML appears in the PDF and not the properly rendered HTML.


The following correctly renders the dynamic HTML:

<apex:page controller="trainingLetterPDFController" >
    <apex:outputText value="{!LetterHTMLBody}" escape="false"/>

 The following renders the page as a PDF showing the raw HTML text:

<apex:page controller="trainingLetterPDFController" renderAs="PDF">
    <apex:outputText value="{!LetterHTMLBody}" escape="false"/>


Any suggestions on how to get this dynamic HTML to render in the PDF?


  • July 09, 2013
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Sometimes Rest API becomes not responding, on retrying it works fine. We are facing this issue with first request only subsequent requests responded successfully. 

I am using Rest API to fetch account information-
instanceUrl + "/services/data/v27.0/query?q=Select+id,+Name+FROM+Account+WHERE+OwnerId='" + userId + "'";


Here are the steps how we have implemented:

  1. Using OAuth get access token
  2. Build Authorization header and execute above http request 

Hi All,


Can anyone please tell me How to import and Export Bulk records from Salesforce to our Db and viceversa. I have records more than 20k, I used DBAmp trila version  but its showing, time out error.


Please help ASAP, Thanks in Advance