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Hi All,


I am deploying data model into another sandbox. I need to migrate FLS for all objects related to profiles. When i retrieve package for Object & Profiles only the custom fields are fetched no the standard. Is there any way through which FLS for standard fields can be migrated. Thanks in advance!

hi all,

I have a functionality wherein i need to use aepx:actionfunction and apex:param for an apex:outputlink
The problem:

<apex:column >
         <apex:outputLink value="/{!item.id}" target="_blank" onclick="callAcc();">
         <apex:param name="passid" value="{!item.id}"/>

 Id accid=ApexPages.currentPage().getParameters().get('passid');
        System.debug('**** new accountid is'+accid);

When i try to get the param passed in controller it fetches null.How do i fix it?

SFDC Coder