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Is it possible to access the classical help & training console? The advance one provides too much results and it becomes difficult sometimes to find a useful one.

  • August 01, 2013
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I have a typical deployment scenario at my work place.
We have Perforce for Version control.
Here is the scenario:
A developer codes, customize or configure something in his dev org. He now checks in his changes to the version control repository called Perforce.
I have to do a automated deployment every night to query perforce for the latest changelist/Label dynamically and then deploy the changes to sandbox, prod etc. This one should be automated with no human interventions. Again this whole process of querying and then deploying should be automated. While querying i should be querying only the changed files based on a label or changelist and not all the files.
is there a way to handle this scenario and is there any reference for me to accomplish this?
Another question,
I have a folder that contains subfolders like objects, classes etc. can i do deployment using Ant migration tool without the package.xml file in it
Is the package.xml file really needed for any kind deployment.
This is a very critical req that has to be answered before noon. Please help me da.