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I have a VF Page + Controller that generate an Opportunity and several objects.

During the "Submit" function that creates the opportunity, I want to create a PDF.
I created a second VFPage that uses the same controller and render it as a pdf.
In the "Submit" function I:
-Create the opportunity
-Save the VFPage output as an attachment.

The PDF saved is
1st submission - empty
2nd submission - Contains the data captured during 1st submission
3rd submission - Contains the data captured during 2nd submission
.. and so on

Any idea on how to prevent that?
I am trying to import in SalesForce a certificate created by verisign.

I went into the SFDC page to create a new CA-Signed certificate.

I created a new cetificate and filled the form with the information from my certificate.
First difference is : I have 2 organizational Unit on the certificate, only 1 allowed in SalesForce.

I can download the verisign certificate to a *.p7c file but there is an error in SalesForce :
Error: The certificate that you are uploading doesn't match the generated certificate signing request.

Any suggestion?

If anyone has also information on how to use the certificate after to access the SOAP service..
String Url='/apex/taskTypeDetail?id='+task.id;       // i want to pass one more additional value
            PageReference newpage=new PageReference(Url);
  return newpage;
We have a homegrown application that performs authentication\aurthorization via SAML or .net calls. Is it possible to have a site.com website that allows registrations and then authentication by our homegrown applicaiton?